«Far-sightedness and long-termism»

Our action is governed by the principles of integrity, the encouragement of partnership and personal dedication.

«Will and skills»

The will and the skills of our employees are essential if the company is to develop successfully in the dynamic global environment of the 21st century.

«Active, agile and competent»

Schröder’s employees take immediate action and identify with the issues, challenges and solutions of our business partners

«Priority for operative business»

Production with its key up- and downstream processes is the most important field of innovation for Schröder.

«Passion for down-to-earth rationality»

The management culture is fact-based and driven by knowledge and consistency and follows the principles of “simplicity in action” and the “concerted effort” in all industrial activities.

«Business development»

The principle of business development is “to be among the best, wherever we do business”.

«Sales and customers»

Schröder Sales acknowledges challenging customer needs and worthwhile potential. It sets commercial priorities and takes engineering-based action.