Soda-lime glass is an inexpensive glass with universal applications. This glass is produced by melting quartz sand, soda and lime together at over 1,200 °C. The outcome is a silica glass whose main constituents are silicon oxide, sodium oxide and potassium oxide. By adding various oxides during melting, it is possible to colour the glass. The glass can be decoloured by adding various metal salts, and it is then known as white glass or Optiwhite glass.

Fields of application

  • Basic material for heat-insulating and solar control glass
  • Primary material for laminated safety glass
  • Primary material for fully tempered glass
  • Can be processed and refined for interior and exterior applications

Main properties

  • Flat, transparent, colourless or coloured
  • Various coatings possible (solar control, anti-reflective coating etc.)
  • Can be tempered and chemically toughened (Floattherm)
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