General remarks

Optical colour filters are made of coloured glass and are essential components for the transmission or blocking of certain spectral ranges. Glass filters are suitable as substrates for thin-film coating, e.g. in the production of interference filters. To achieve the best-possible filter solution and enhance the effect, different glass filters are often also combined.


The various types of glass filter can be categorised in three classes:

    1. Basic filters – colourless, optical glasses (e.g. WG)
    2. Ion-coloured glass – glass coloured with heavy metals or rare earths (e.g. BG)
    3. Anlaufgläser – glass modified by temperature treatment (e.g. GG)

Fields of application

Optical glass filters are used in the following fields:

  • Measurement, instrumentation and control equipment
  • Analytical measuring methods
  • Research and development
  • Environmental technology
  • Medical technology


UG Black and blue glass
BG Blue glass
VG Green glass
GG Colourless and yellow glass
OG Orange glass
RG Red and black glass
NG Neutral glass
WG/KG Colourless glass
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