MACOR® glass ceramic consists of a glass matrix containing mica crystals. Its composition of 55 % fluorophlogopite mica and 45 % borosilicate glass gives rise to a microstructure that can be machined into complex shapes with conventional metalworking tools.

Two of the biggest strengths of MACOR® glass ceramic are that it is a non-porous, non-outgassing material. In combination with its outstanding properties as a thermal and electrical insulator, MACOR® is ideal as a material for use in almost all sectors.

Chemical composition of MACOR®

Silicon oxide SiO246 %
Magnesium oxide MgO17 %
Aluminium oxideAl2O316 %
Potassium oxideK210 %
Boron oxideB2O37 %
FluorineF4 %
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